Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Perfect Target

According to Dr. Martha Stout in her book 'The Sociopath Next Door', " a person who has no conscience can instantly recognize someone who is decent and trusting" and "the shameless know us much better than we know them". Sociopaths are predators who have the uncanny ability to spot kind and caring people, people who are vulnerable. And everyone has vulnerabilities. It could be a person living alone and not having anyone to talk to, it could be a person who cares - about family, friends, work or other people, it could be a person with integrity who is unwilling to compromise, it could be a person with a well developed sense of guilt. Sociopaths look for people who will assume more than their fair share of responsibility and guilt.

Anyone can be a target for a sociopath.

Some experts believe that soicopaths target individuals who have morals and integrity because the sociopath is amoral and lacks integrity. S/he will then enjoy trying to destroy the morals and integrity of his target so that they will not have them.

Once a sociopath identifies a potential target, s/he studies that person to determine how he or she can be manipulated and used, flattered and charmed. The sociopath will develop a sense of familiarity with his target.

Don't ever think you can not be conned. Even if you are educated about the sociopaths that live among us, you could still be taken in by a charming predator because they are so good at their game. They are lawyers, doctors, ministers, neighbors and friends. Sociopaths look normal and can even appear to behave normally. They learn to imitate the behavior of others to fit in.